Thursday, November 13, 2008

Of times when they were!!

A scared soul, a cynic and jelly beans...That describes the party which left one morning to this place which has acclaimed as the retired souls destination.. What were we are running away from?? The love which was gone??
After a lot of singing along, eyeing every driver we crossed paths with (women today arent as innocent as they were known to be) , a lot of pictures taken, twist and turns, family reunion, laughter, we took a little detour and found ourselves at the buddhist monastery which was one of a kind..Guess god had a plan for the troubled souls...and after inhaling the calms air that surrounded us and a lotta nicotine, we decided to get back to where we were to go...COORG!!
The city seemed to move at its own pace, every person seemed to survive just fine without the Guccis' and Gabbanas' of the world... And still smile as though they had it all..Dint take long to figure why though!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

12:05 am!!

At a point in time when yesterday is over and tomorrow is here.... I wonder what this moment holds for us...The purpose!!!
I was asked the other day if i knew what the purpose of my existence was...and with all the futile thoughts that surround me...this question never occured to me..
Do people know what the purpose of their existence is? Do people cheat themselves into believing that they know it all... at this moment I would be estatic to just know what my today holds.. If by the end of the day I feel that the purpose of my existence is fulfilled!! Again am i stopping myself from looking at the bigger picture and just being contended with the everyday existence.. is the drive within me dead!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Punch bag!!

I am sure the title suggests what I have on my mind..but a little clarification there..I aint intending on treating this spot as a punch bag but explain how a punch bag must be truely feeling having been there myself more often than not..
The phone rings and struggling with myself, I take the call..Some trivial issue on the other line that could have waited till the next morning..I am inthe middle of something important and voila..I am taken to a corner where no one can hear no one..and there.. another of those SOB stories..I mean I am happy that people think they can confide in me..But there is a time and place everything..
There are days when all of us dont feel at our best. We want to just keep to ourselves. Not bother anyone or be bothered. Like people will let that happen. They will dig till u start to talk and just then snub to to talk about how on that one note their life is so much better..Yeah hearing about that really will cheer me up..People should try and be a little more sensitive at times...Would be appreciated!!!
So thats how it feels like being the agony aunt all the time...I think this post could be named the chronicles of an agony aunt..

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I walk into a place where everything looks alien..people speak a different language, have different believes..cant relate to the world they live in..cant expect them to understand what i have been through..My first day in Christ college.Met two people in college who made life lot easier for me..kept the faith alive.. yet the world dint look as beautiful as i expected it to be..again these were the days which made me rethink my past actions and respect what i had..and now felt were the better times..My first year in college....Time just went by..without me realising and here i was with a bunch of people who i could count on at any given hour..a shoulder to lean on..faces that said that they would always back me up through everything, and indeed did live upto it. In the meanwhile, being the lost soul that i am i still felt lost amidst the crowd for some odd reason. My second year in college.Senior most in the college. Looking for those familiar faces which had suddenly disappeared. learnt to get use to the new ways. Recognised individuals which were mere nobody to me earlier. Long conversations, squeals of laughter which filled my everyday. made me believe that every moment of existence was indeed a blessing. My last few days with people who matter the most.and today when i have got what i looked for all my life.. a smile which could make my day .. lunches which revolved around the most atrocious of discussions..its time we all move on..And here i am walking out the same corridor with a sense of belonging..taking with me three most precious years of my life...a place which saw me grow into wat i now call "myself". people who have seen me through tears and smiles......

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just me!!

I guess its just me at times or wateva it is..I tend to take things seriously when they aint directed in that manner..and missed out the point more often than not.. I wannna write down whats on my mind at the moment but having said that..there aint a thing I can come up wit hehe...Yeah I have lost it..Whats new!!!
I think all my life being the best at what i have done has instilled this belief that i can never do no wrong. And that is one thing that pulls me down more often than not. I am probably one of those sore losers who cant except defeat at any point, I hate being looked down upon, I hate it when people are condescending, I hate when i maky any mistake.. I loathe it when I am not perfect!!
So yeah just from where I started this, in my head, I can do no wrong.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Days when you dont need food for thought

I have always wondered how convenience has such a major role to play in our lives. Most of us just choose to pick the easiest route outta everything. Be it at work;friends;family, name it and we are talking about the same old story. I guess he would cover up for me; I am sure she will understand; Its just because thats how he is; we never spend a split second to wait and ponder and chose to put most things aside,presuming its just the right way to be.

I have faced this one issue all my life. Playing the role of agony aunt more than often, its a taken that I have never faced problems in my life. Its seldom that a kind word like "Are you ok" crosses my path. A pal of mine after having known me for three years(and getting use to my imperfections) chose to let go of all that was there because of a stupid mistake at my end. Apologies for it all but then has he ever thought about why after all these years I was the way I was that day. Did he bother to look back and ask 'Are you ok'...He just chose to walk away..