Sunday, December 13, 2009

What has become my today!

Threading my path, down the now known walkway, I think about yesterday. Nothing of this was there, there are no connection, but there is some kind of symbolism. There is still that emptiness, yearning, regret~~ and me!!
Somehow amidst all the chaos that engulfs me, there is this void. Dont know where it comes from but something too obvious for me to dismiss as mindless rambling. My feelings seem to have lost its soul. The essence is lost in this search...
what has become of my today is nothing of what I had imagined it to be. I really wonder when my tryst with life is going to attain its finale!! How i got here, I dont know. Why, maybe its just me to be blamed..
Being cryptic is an art I have mastered to an extent I dont know how else to be. Like future is enough for me to wonder over, now I have today to wonder about. It right when someone said, at times in life your chase for success gets the better of you and when you want to turn back and wish for your past to tag along, its only roadblocks I see behind me. Spending years creating this blockade, now I have forgotten the return path~~~
Is it really as bad as this piece makes it seem.. maybe not.. or maybe having said all this and more.. I again go back to living in denial.. and this part of me lives happily ever after!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Romeo save me!

I am a self acclaimed romantic.. I see romance in the air.. the flowers.. the sky even the cup of coffee I drink every morning.. a believer of eternal love.. in the quest to find one for herself.. hopelessly in love without any expectations.. which is a first.. Wondering every hour is she will ever be loved back?
Not meaning to be overtly dramatic here but with time the want to be wanted overshadows every other feeling thats there. The sense of belonging overcasts basis sensibility. Its like the race in which getting ahead of yourself only brings more dejection.
I thought it was a broken heart but eventually learnt that its nothing but a heart that yearns for better and more. a lot more.
My girlfriends might get annoyed listening to that one name for years together, consoling me through those nights, have be reject perfect guy for they are not him. Just a stupid girl waiting to be wanted, in the smallest of ways, acknowledged for all that has been there and not belittle how she feels.
For how may years can she be expected to strong about it all... And when she snaps.. She is a traitor!!