Thursday, November 13, 2008

Of times when they were!!

A scared soul, a cynic and jelly beans...That describes the party which left one morning to this place which has acclaimed as the retired souls destination.. What were we are running away from?? The love which was gone??
After a lot of singing along, eyeing every driver we crossed paths with (women today arent as innocent as they were known to be) , a lot of pictures taken, twist and turns, family reunion, laughter, we took a little detour and found ourselves at the buddhist monastery which was one of a kind..Guess god had a plan for the troubled souls...and after inhaling the calms air that surrounded us and a lotta nicotine, we decided to get back to where we were to go...COORG!!
The city seemed to move at its own pace, every person seemed to survive just fine without the Guccis' and Gabbanas' of the world... And still smile as though they had it all..Dint take long to figure why though!!