Thursday, February 28, 2008

Punch bag!!

I am sure the title suggests what I have on my mind..but a little clarification there..I aint intending on treating this spot as a punch bag but explain how a punch bag must be truely feeling having been there myself more often than not..
The phone rings and struggling with myself, I take the call..Some trivial issue on the other line that could have waited till the next morning..I am inthe middle of something important and voila..I am taken to a corner where no one can hear no one..and there.. another of those SOB stories..I mean I am happy that people think they can confide in me..But there is a time and place everything..
There are days when all of us dont feel at our best. We want to just keep to ourselves. Not bother anyone or be bothered. Like people will let that happen. They will dig till u start to talk and just then snub to to talk about how on that one note their life is so much better..Yeah hearing about that really will cheer me up..People should try and be a little more sensitive at times...Would be appreciated!!!
So thats how it feels like being the agony aunt all the time...I think this post could be named the chronicles of an agony aunt..

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