Sunday, December 05, 2010

Inconsiderate buffoons

So here I was struggling a long day with very low energy(thanks to the ever so wonderful Clean 9 diet). Like classes weren't bad enough today, I was to face a new low: Tagged as being inconsiderate.
So here is something rich from the inconsiderate buffoon.
Amidst all the confusion that the day I entailed, I made two roundtrips from the enchanting MICA campus to the always enticing city of Ahmedabad. Do not fall for the prey. After threading all these miles to mitigate a friend's pain, here I was asking to be given a chance to grab a bite. And believe me I swallow my Subway at the speed of lightening. But that was not good enough.
My friend thought passing some of his pain onto me was absolutely the need of the hour. So here I was accused of making someone wait and my crime was such: I chose to take a break of 10 mins between the to and fro and the man waiting has an early morning flight to catch: Time 7 am. Time on the watch: 10 pm.
So after a mild outburst, I decided to just finish the task I was set out to do. Transport two absolutely capable men to their beloved friend of few days.
Time on the watch: 11 pm. At another end of the city.
Time when I realised I had had enough: 12:30 pm. Men referred to earlier were busy drinking and smoking, discussing Karma. Morning flight who?
Time 1:37 am: At this very hour, all I request people to do is stop taking others for granted. Just cos I don't say anything doesn't mean I don't feel it. And yes men throw tantrums more than any women were capable of!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Story of an abandoned newspaper

It was at a particular day the most sought after everyday objects. Containing the details and the insiders view on 7/11, it was quite something. People were indeed ready to pay a premium to own this paper, to capture details of a day that would go down in history.
After minutes of arrival, it was picked off the shelf by this self made, reassured man. Or well thats what he seemed to be. After traveling through the streets of PrimeDale, here it was, on his desk. Unlike the urge to pick it up, the man decided to give it sometime before the paper regained his attention. For all the churning and pain staking traveling the paper underwent, it got 10 minutes or less of the man's attention. Why? New technology had replaced his cause. He was not just an everyday routine and not a part of the morning coffee+paper equation.
And before much realisation was brought about, there he was making its way to the recycle bin, to continue its everyday mundane task, filled with dismay and questions lurking.
Its odd how over time, we might sometimes take up the role of a newspaper in somebody's everyday routine. After passion follows ignorance would be the notes that will be sung. After every confrontation, we will churn around to another day of nothingness.
Is there is a time when you can stand up and say: I am a quitter and I am proud of it. Just cause you are afraid does not mean you have the right to belittle me.