Thursday, February 14, 2008


I walk into a place where everything looks alien..people speak a different language, have different believes..cant relate to the world they live in..cant expect them to understand what i have been through..My first day in Christ college.Met two people in college who made life lot easier for me..kept the faith alive.. yet the world dint look as beautiful as i expected it to be..again these were the days which made me rethink my past actions and respect what i had..and now felt were the better times..My first year in college....Time just went by..without me realising and here i was with a bunch of people who i could count on at any given hour..a shoulder to lean on..faces that said that they would always back me up through everything, and indeed did live upto it. In the meanwhile, being the lost soul that i am i still felt lost amidst the crowd for some odd reason. My second year in college.Senior most in the college. Looking for those familiar faces which had suddenly disappeared. learnt to get use to the new ways. Recognised individuals which were mere nobody to me earlier. Long conversations, squeals of laughter which filled my everyday. made me believe that every moment of existence was indeed a blessing. My last few days with people who matter the most.and today when i have got what i looked for all my life.. a smile which could make my day .. lunches which revolved around the most atrocious of discussions..its time we all move on..And here i am walking out the same corridor with a sense of belonging..taking with me three most precious years of my life...a place which saw me grow into wat i now call "myself". people who have seen me through tears and smiles......

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