Thursday, January 17, 2008

Days when you dont need food for thought

I have always wondered how convenience has such a major role to play in our lives. Most of us just choose to pick the easiest route outta everything. Be it at work;friends;family, name it and we are talking about the same old story. I guess he would cover up for me; I am sure she will understand; Its just because thats how he is; we never spend a split second to wait and ponder and chose to put most things aside,presuming its just the right way to be.

I have faced this one issue all my life. Playing the role of agony aunt more than often, its a taken that I have never faced problems in my life. Its seldom that a kind word like "Are you ok" crosses my path. A pal of mine after having known me for three years(and getting use to my imperfections) chose to let go of all that was there because of a stupid mistake at my end. Apologies for it all but then has he ever thought about why after all these years I was the way I was that day. Did he bother to look back and ask 'Are you ok'...He just chose to walk away..

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