Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just me!!

I guess its just me at times or wateva it is..I tend to take things seriously when they aint directed in that manner..and missed out the point more often than not.. I wannna write down whats on my mind at the moment but having said that..there aint a thing I can come up wit hehe...Yeah I have lost it..Whats new!!!
I think all my life being the best at what i have done has instilled this belief that i can never do no wrong. And that is one thing that pulls me down more often than not. I am probably one of those sore losers who cant except defeat at any point, I hate being looked down upon, I hate it when people are condescending, I hate when i maky any mistake.. I loathe it when I am not perfect!!
So yeah just from where I started this, in my head, I can do no wrong.

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